Snowy Night

Winter Games

January 29th, 1--5 PM

Everyone is welcome to join us for some wintery fun here at the church on January 29th, from 1-5 PM. We will have wonderful and fun events including: sledding, broom hockey, snowman building contests and more!


Plus enjoy a s'more or hot dog with some hot cocoa on us! You don't want to miss the fun at Grant Community Church! Come join our community event: Winter Games!


Here at Grant Community Church, we are excited to become more of the people that God wants us to become. We are individuals and families, young and old, the experienced and the new Christians, and those just curious about Jesus Christ.

Wherever you have come from and wherever you are now, you are welcome to come as you are to Grant Community Church! We would love to have you join us as we discover and fulfill the calling He has placed in our lives.

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